Digital Anonymity For Our Son

The article “We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online” sums up the reason Adam and I do not post pictures of Jacob online.  While we have friends who run the gamut (some do not even mention their kids’ names online, while others have Twitter handles for their little ones), we have chosen not to show his face in social media.

We want to give Jake “digital anonymity” until he makes the decision to post photos and information about himself.  Between improving facial recognition technology and the fact that the internet is forever, we want to protect him as much as possible.  We don’t want him to apply to schools, jobs, (and even do online dating!) with a trove of embarrassing (albeit cute) photos and videos online, just waiting for someone to Google his name.

While we didn’t go as far as the author of this article did (we chose his name and never checked to see what a Google search would bring up, etc), we did register an email address for him so that he doesn’t have any trouble getting one with his name when it’s time.

We love sharing photos of our baby as much as anyone–so instead of posting pictures of Jake online, we’ve chosen a more private option.  With our iPhones, we share photos and videos through a private album in iPhoto.  A notification appears on the phones of whoever is “subscribed”, and they can comment and “like” to their hearts content.

Every parent has to decide what makes the most sense for his or her family.  So take this article with a grain of salt:  use it to better inform yourselves of the facts, and go forth and post (or not)!

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