The Good Ol’ Days?


Adam and I were perfecting our craft.  For Valentine’s Day I got him a special ice tray that made large, angular cubes.  We found deliciously spicy Bloody Mary mix at Whole Foods.  The ratio of bourbon to sours to fruit in our Old Fashions was superior.  We got a Soda Stream for a wedding gift, and suddenly cocktail night (or cocktail Sunday afternoon, as the case may be) became too easy to pass up.  Limes were a staple, in the event of a vodka soda emergency.

Then you know, life happened.  And now cocktail night is carefully weighed against our ability to operate a little more slowly, perhaps with a headache, the next morning while chasing around a toddler.  Before, we could sleep off that night cap.  But now, there’s a negotiation when we hear Jake’s early morning calls.  “How tired are you?  I can’t do it.  If you get this one, I’ll take him the rest of the day. I promise.”  And cocktail Sunday afternoon is a foggy memory that hasn’t made an appearance since fall 2013…

But just the other day, as Jake was toddling around our living room, stopping off at the coffee table (a.k.a. death trap…) to take a sip of milk and have a quick snack before continuing on to throw the DVDs on the floor, I had the presence of mind to take in the moment.  I was tired, and a bit bored, but my kid was so damned cute.  I really didn’t want to do another lap around the living room, stopping him from falling into the furniture, but it certainly beat most other things I could be doing in life.  (Massage, facial, reading a book in quiet, pedicure– these are some things I would have welcomed…but most other options in life were a far second to chasing my kid around my apartment).

Sure, Adam and I don’t drink as much these days (to our livers’ delight), and we don’t get out much either.  But it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I still have some single and / or childless friends, and their lives are utterly unrecognizable to me.  But I don’t think I miss it that much.  Call us lame, but Adam and I get a kick out of cooking together and baking treats, and sipping our one (!) drink on a given Friday night.  We enjoy it because we look forward to seeing Jake’s face when he tries the food we’re making for the first time.  We go to bed early and feel somewhat refreshed when our alarm (baby) wakes us up in the morning.

Do I miss spontaneity?  Brunches and Bloody Marys? Pretty ice cubes and muddling fruit? Yes, yes, and yes.  But I love having a kid (and all that it entails) so much more.

Adam and I will eventually get our cocktail nights back.  It might be a few years.  But in the mean time, we will perfect chocolate chip cookie and zucchini muffin recipes instead.

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