Unchecked Behavior at the Playground…

Parent Scolding Child

(Photo courtesy of PJ Media)

“Jake, honey, that’s not your ball. That belongs to the little boy. Give it back to him.”

“Jacob, the little baby can play with that too. We have to share, right buddy?”

“Jake, please be gentle. This is a friend, ok? We have to be nice to our friends.”

Sometimes I think I sound like a broken record. But I am Jake’s mother, and it is my responsibility to teach him every step of the way. He is only one year old and knows nothing about the world around him, except what he sees and hears on a daily basis. He is a sponge, constantly picking up cues. So naturally I take it very seriously that I (or my husband, or whoever happens to be watching him) give him the tools he is going to need to succeed in life. It means teaching him how to interact with people, teaching him to be a respectful person, and also teaching him to take care of himself. I want my little boy to grow up to be an incredible man, and I know that that starts here and now. We don’t become the adults that we are overnight. We grow into them through years and decades of interactions with others.

Taking this into consideration, nothing infuriates me more than when I am out with my son, and little kids around him are being jerks. Yes, I said it. Little kids can be jerks.

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