How We’re All *That* Parent Sometimes…

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We all do it. We love our kids so much and think they are the most spectacular little people in the world. That’s a good thing—it means that we’re doing our jobs as parents. So when we tell others about our sons and daughters, it is only natural to brag a little here and there. I have found, however, that I need to check myself from time to time. There are moments when boasting about your little one is absolutely and totally warranted. (“My son pitched his first Little League game! My daughter got her yellow belt in karate!”) But sometimes, stories about normal development (or worse, bodily functions) find themselves in the same ballpark as a perfect SAT score.

I suspect that we can’t hear ourselves when we do it. I suspect that we perhaps need to take a step back and listen more when we speak. Sure, being proud is not just a good thing — it’s important. But can we at least make an effort to avoid being so annoying? Here’s what I’m talking about:

How I sound to myself:

I think my son might be musically inclined. He is showing signs of understanding how music works, and I was surprised to hear that he can actually carry a melody at his age.

How I sound to everyone else:

My son is so impressive. He loves his shakers, and toy xylophone and whenever music is playing, he bops his head to the beat. Right on the beat every time! And he even claps his hands to ask that we sing “When You’re Happy and You Know It.” I can’t even tell you how smart he is. I can’t stand it.

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