Mastering the Art of the Baby Juggle at Holiday Gatherings

Baby Juggle Image.sized-770x415xt

(Image Courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

My husband and I have it down to a science. Since our son was born, we have been to countless family and social gatherings, and have had no choice but to learn how to manage the baby as a team, while simultaneously making a concerted effort to be somewhat gracious guests. One of us is always on baby duty upon arrival, while the other gets us both drinks, and says hello to everyone there. Then there is a switch, so the first parent can grab an hor d’oeuvre and a quick conversation with another guest. When mealtime arrives, the baby plays musical knees, going back and forth between us, so the other can scarf down his or her food. Sometimes Jake squirms, insisting on making a run for it, so one of us follows while the other cleans his plate. It is a seamless dance my husband and I do, with no need for verbal communication. One after the other we chase and wrangle and feed while the other socializes and eats as quickly as possible. If alcohol is consumed, it is minimal – no one can afford to lose focus of the operation at hand.

We were once great at going out. We would mingle, catch up with our respective friends, and come back together throughout the night. We would hold hands and get tipsy. We were a cute couple and we could read each other from across a crowded room, fully aware of when the other had had enough of the party or needed saving from a talkative guest.

Now our ninja-like connection is being put to use in another way: juggling our baby when we are at someone’s house for dinner.

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