Keeping Warm with a Pot of Comfort Food (Recipe!)


(Image courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

Normally at this time of year, the air is getting chillier by the day and we are bundling up and keeping warm as best we can every night. Considering it has been a balmy 60 degrees the last couple of days, it hasn’t exactly felt like the winter of my youth. Thanks, global warming? My husband and I met in Los Angeles, but we moved back home to the East Coast years ago — partly in search of the seasons we had grown up with. So much for that.

In the event that it gets cold in the Northeast some time soon, I have my standard comfort food family recipes ready to go. Coming from an Italian family, food has generally been at the center of every holiday, life event, and conversation for as long as I can remember. We (my family at least) are incapable of gathering without cooking and serving a feast. My husband is baffled when I cook us dinner and make enough for the whole neighborhood. I am unable to make “just enough” for two people. What if we’re still hungry? What if someone drops in unexpectedly (although how often does that actually happen?). What if we want leftovers?

Finish reading and get the recipe on PJ Media!

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