Chrismukkah and My Interfaith Family Traditions

When my husband and I got together, we could have looked at our situation as a challenge that could end disastrously. But instead we chose to embrace it and go along for the ride. See, my husband is Jewish and I was raised Catholic. Obviously, neither of us is particularly observant since we ended up in an interfaith marriage, however, each still had some traditions that neither of us wanted to forego, so no one converted.

Cut to a few years later and the birth of our son. We had some tough decisions to make, all the while worrying a bit about the potential backlash from our respective families. Ultimately we decided on all of it and none of it at all. Our baby would not be baptized, nor would he be bar-mitzvahed – unless he one day decided that one of those options was right for him. My husband and I decided to raise our son with the culture and traditions from both of our religions, so that he can understand what both of his parents grew up with. As I mentioned, neither Adam nor I are very devout, so there would not be an ongoing debate about Jesus in our home. But we do both love and embrace certain customs that we feel are important for our child to understand. And when it comes to teaching him values, we are confident that we can do so without having to adhere to the rules of any one ideology. The “Golden Rule” would be sacred in our household – that was always a given in our minds.

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