‘I dove into the corner of his room, my cheek flush against the Diaper Genie…’

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

Naptime. That glorious chunk of time in the middle of the day that affords moms a tiny bit of freedom. Now that my toddler is about a year and a half old, he is down to one nap per day (his choice, certainly not mine…). But it is a beautifully long nap. It gives me the chance to eat some lunch, to clean up a bit, and sometimes even get a start on dinner. And if I’m really lucky, I can squeeze in a mommy nap as well.

The problem with my son’s nap is that he just doesn’t sleep as soundly as he does at night. I could lead a marching band through his room at 2 a.m. and he would wake up for a moment, then fall back asleep on his face, not remembering a thing. His midday sleep, however, is easily disrupted. Once he is awake, he’s awake until bedtime.

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