Things You Learn to Deal With When Vacationing With a Toddler

When you’re single or newly married, going away for the weekend is blissful. You can sleep late in a big, comfy bed. You can get dressed up and enjoy dinners at local restaurants, and even take naps the next day when those dinners are followed by too many cocktails. Cut to life with a small child, and all of a sudden a weekend trip out of town takes the courage and discipline of a tightrope walk high above a city. My husband, Adam, and I recently went away for a weekend with our toddler, and here are some lessons we took away from our trip:

Car sickness is not for the faint of heart.

On our first long road-trip with a toddler, we unfortunately learned the hard way that dairy within a couple of hours of the car ride is a bad idea. An hour in, we were parked in a strip mall parking lot, doors wide open in the cold winter air, a roll of paper towels and a box of wipes in hand, mopping up the contents of my son’s stomach. He was set free from his seat, roaming the inside of the car with abandon, huge smile on his face, while we picked up pieces of mango from spoiled yogurt. The air freshener that we had to stick to the vent now makes the car smell like a cheesy spring meadow. Lesson learned.

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