Moving with a Toddler

Now that my son is nearly two years old, I have found that he can be extremely helpful with some household chores. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving, his playful passions can get in the way – big time.

My enterprising toddler loves, more than anything, to throw things away. If he finds the smallest crumb on the floor, he drops everything and makes a beeline for the garbage can. If the dog needs a treat, Jake is thrilled to be the one to take care of things for me. And when I bring home a bag of groceries, he insists on helping me carry it into the house, and on unpacking everything for me. (He hasn’t quite grasped the fact that some of the food goes in the pantry and some in the refrigerator – as far as he’s concerned it all belongs on the living room floor. But he’ll get there eventually…) It can be unbearably adorable when he wants to help out.

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