My ‘Geriatric Pregnancy’ Makes Me Happy

When I graduated from Georgetown University, starting a family couldn’t have been farther from my mind. I was focused on pursuing my career, which at the time was as an actress, and then producer. I devoted all of my free time to taking classes, and when I wasn’t working my day job, I was pounding the pavement. After a few years of doing this in New York City, I moved to Los Angeles, where I continued my journey.

The process of pursuing my dream lasted the entirety of my twenties. Somewhere in there I traveled a bit. And I learned. A lot. Not just about how to act or produce, but about life. I learned a lot from the rejection that comes with the industry. I learned about perseverance and patience, and about overcoming adversity. And I learned how to make a tiny budget stretch really far.

When I decided that I was done with the exhausting 14-hour days and contract work of the entertainment industry, I moved back to the East Coast to get my MBA. At the time, I also started training for and running half marathons. I learned more. Not just about business and about pacing myself for a two-hour run, but about the importance of having foresight and planning.

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