Quinoa and Veggie-Stuffed Bell Peppers


In this series of recipes, I am highlighting the wonderful produce that is in-season in the summer. This week, I couldn’t resist focusing on delicious bell peppers. You can use any color that you’d like – but keep in mind that the red ones are slightly sweeter than the green. I like to change it up and make one of every color.

Since sweet bell peppers are on the Dirty Dozen list (the Environmental Working Group’s list of produce with the highest pesticide loads), that means that they are more likely to have a high pesticide content. So when I cook with bell peppers, I always buy organic. Same goes for the tomato, baby spinach and jalapeno used in this recipe.

The stuffing for the peppers in this dish is an easy-to-make quinoa mixture. If you want to re-purpose the recipe, the quinoa makes a delicious side to chicken or shrimp—so if you don’t have bell peppers, it’s not a problem!

Finish reading and get the recipe on PJ Media!

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