3 Ways to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Life with a Newborn

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock, via PJ Media)

Those first few months of my first son’s life are a bit foggy. Even though it was only two years ago, I have had to really think to try to remember some of the nitty-gritty details. It’s amazing how much sleep deprivation can affect your ability to form and hold onto memories. Thank goodness for photos. Without them my son’s first year would be a total and utter blur.

I am attempting to learn from any mistakes made or missteps my husband and I might have taken in those early days of Jake’s life as we prepare for our second son to arrive in the fall. I know that we’ll have all the basics down, obviously. There will certainly be more of an ease as we deal with a newborn. We won’t be as squeamish about cutting his nails, and bath time will be a breeze. The day his umbilical cord falls off will still most likely result in a slight gag on my part, but I’ll be ready for it. These details don’t concern me. I’m trying to remember the bigger picture – the thoughts and emotions and fears that we stressed about. I want to remind myself of important information that I wish someone had told me at the time. Here is what I have come up with so far:

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