How to Make Homemade Sicilian Pizza (VIDEO!)

New Yorkers think that their thin-crust pizza is the best (and I’m a little biased in this area). Those who hail from Chicago strongly believe in their deep-dish. In Los Angeles, you’ll almost exclusively find brick oven pies, and in practically every shopping mall and airport across America, you’ll probably happen upon the Sbarro chain. No matter where you get your slice though, one thing remains constant: Pizza is the best. Even “bad” pizza still tastes good.

Perhaps one of the most gratifying things a home cook can do, then, is to make his or her own pizza pie. From scratch. Because you really can’t mess it up – it will be delicious no matter what. What’s more, if you have children in the house, pizza-making is a wonderful family activity. You and your kids can make and knead the dough, and decide on toppings together. Little ones love to see their creation become something yummy to eat right before their eyes. (Just make sure those hands are washed before they start digging into that dough!)

While I do enjoy making thin-crust pies on a pizza stone with various toppings, one of my favorite pizzas to make is actually a Sicilian pie, also known as “Nonna’s pizza.” (Nonna means “grandmother” in Italian.) I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but if you’ve ever been in a pizza joint in New York City, you’ve definitely seen Sicilian pizza. Hopefully you’ve even gotten a slice—because it is spectacular. And lucky for us, it’s easy to make. My brother, Paul, has perfected this process, and here’s how he does it.

Watch the quick demo video and get the recipe on PJ Media!

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