Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is Tidy (and Probably Not Lived in By Humans)

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

I get it. We all have different quirks. They are what make us unique. But there are some things that perhaps go slightly beyond the quirky line. A recent piece in Homify called “Telltale Signs Your Home is Tidy and Cared-For” made me cringe. Or rather, it made me want to find the author and let my toddler go to town on his home with Play Doh and Goldfish crackers. While some of what he describes has merit, you’d have to be unbearably Type-A, with no kids, and tons of time and money to make your home as “cared for” as he suggests. My home is plenty cared for. But it’s also a home. Which means it is lived in, loved in, and more than just a place for random people to “drop by” and admire. It’s a home, not a museum. But humor me for a moment. Let’s examine what Johannes Van Graan suggests.

1. A Neat Entrance Hall

Yes, I can see his point to some extent. First impressions and all. But he writes: “Guests walking into a messy entrance hall will definitely not be impressed, and will not have very high standards for the rest of your house. It won’t be very comfortable for you, either.” Who are these people walking into my home with such high standards?? And why do I care to impress them? Are you in my home to see me and my family or to take notes on the number of shoes sitting next to the door? Neat yes. Impressive, I couldn’t care less.

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