The Only Vegetable Lasagna Recipe You’ll Ever Need

(Image Courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

Despite having a huge belly in my eighth month of pregnancy, I have gotten to be very ambitious. At least in the kitchen. While I probably should be putting my feet up at the end of the day, I am cooking up a storm. When I had my first baby, my husband and I were so exhausted and shell-shocked that we ended up ordering out every day for weeks on end. But since I have a toddler this time around, I can’t just give him beef lo mein or shrimp pad Thai for every meal. Instead, I’m cooking lots of dishes ahead of time and freezing them. And this week, I put together a delicious vegetable lasagna. Specifically, spinach lasagna.

Despite the fact that it can be a little time-consuming and labor-intensive, lasagna is one of my favorite dishes to make. Plus, it is a wonderful dish to serve for guests. (It tastes absolutely wonderful and not many people make it, so you get extra points for the effort.) Plus it can absolutely handle being frozen and thawed. Finally, one pan of it can basically feed a small army (or one average-sized Italian family for Sunday dinner.) You pretty much can’t go wrong.

I usually opt for a meat lasagna, but since I don’t know how many nutrients my family will be getting in the weeks after I give birth, I figured I would stack the cards in our favor, and pack in the veggies in this dish. Sure, it’s still lasagna (which means there is a fair bit of cheese in it), but at least this version has vitamin-packed spinach to go along with the richness of all the dairy products in it.

Get the recipe with photos on PJ Media!

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