Being Mindful Amid the Chaos

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

Does this sound familiar at all? I wake up, usually to the sound of my newborn crying. I pick him up, and while I feed him I grab my phone. I read whatever emails have come in and respond to them. I click on a few different news apps to catch up on the latest, then I log into Facebook to see what my friends are posting. I might make a stop over to Amazon to throw a few things in my cart, and then, if the baby is extra hungry and still feeding, I look at what crafts I don’t have time to make on Pinterest. All of this usually involves some talk of the election (which inevitably gives me indigestion), Christmas sales, holiday recipes (oh the calories!), gifts I need to get, and diapers I need to buy. I quickly move from one task to the next because I am at the mercy of my nine-pound child.

Once he finishes eating, we rush downstairs to join my husband and toddler. While rocking the little one to keep him calm, I help my husband negotiate with our two-year-old in an attempt to get breakfast into him. They rush out the door for pre-school while I rush upstairs to take a shower before the baby needs to eat again.

As the day goes on, it’s more of the same: me trying to squeeze in some work in between feedings, quickly throwing together meals for my older son, responding to whatever texts come in, and getting everyone bathed and in bed before collapsing on the couch. With about an hour to unwind before needing to get to bed myself, my husband and I catch up on whatever show we recently recorded on the DVR. By the end of it, I am usually nodding off. He fills me in on the last five minutes that I slept through before I call it a night. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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