4 Flexible Part-Time Gigs for Stay-at-Home Moms

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

Being a stay-at-home mom can be hard, especially if you want to put that brain to work again and contribute to the family finances. But many moms aren’t ready to completely cut the cord. For others, childcare costs are just too high for both parents to work full-time outside of the home. For those moments when the baby is napping, the toddler is in preschool, or you’ve somehow otherwise found a chunk of quiet time for yourself, here are some ideas that will bring in some extra cash and help you think about something other than the wheels on the bus.


If you are a good writer and have a lot to say, you might want to consider this option. At the very least, you will have an outlet for some of the insanity that goes along with parenting. There are several ways you can monetize a blog. For starters, you can place ads on your site that will generate revenue for you every time someone clicks on them.

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