This Is the Harsh Reality of Valentine’s Day With Kids

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock via PJ Media)

The Morning

Before children: You slept late on Valentine’s Day. You cuddled in bed and then lounged in pajamas drinking coffee. Maybe one of you hit the gym while the other read the paper. After a shower, you both went out for some lunch in the neighborhood.

After children: By 6 a.m., a tiny and very insistent voice is yelling for you from the next room. You and your spouse instinctively launch into negotiations to determine who will get a glorious five extra minutes in bed while the other escorts the little one to the potty. Once everyone has gone pee pee and has been changed from their PJs, the whole family moves to the kitchen to get everyone fed. While one makes pancakes, the other plays referee, wipes runny noses, and tries to find a beloved missing toy fire truck to keep the toddler from completely melting down. Breakfast itself involves more negotiations – only this time with the kids – to try to get them to eat something, while attempting to keep them from using an entire bottle of syrup on the two bites of pancake that they’ll actually end up eating.

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