Can We Admit That High-End Strollers Are Just Expensive Storage Spaces?

We have a Cadillac. Well, not exactly. We have the Cadillac of strollers. It’s ginormous, like a Caddy. And it’s a smooooth ride, like a Caddy. Oh and it cost almost as much as a Caddy. At least in terms of strollers, ours is more on the Caddy-end of the price spectrum than, say, a Kia.

But there are a few differences between our stroller and a real Cadillac:

1) We won’t be using ours for years and years to come.

2) As it arrives in the box when you first buy it, it can only accommodate one passenger at a time.

3) Its main occupant doesn’t give a damn about keeping it nice and clean, so there are plenty of unknown foods and substances expertly smeared into much of the surface (along with a good amount of Cheerio and cookie crumbs in the crevices).

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