6 Great Halloween Movies for Kids

If you’re like me, you just love to get into the spirit of this season. My husband knows that he can’t put up a fight once October rolls around, so he was happily hanging spiderwebs and skeletons from our porch along with me last weekend. Now that we have little kids, we get to experience the wonder of the holidays again through them, and it’s just as exciting as it was the first time.

But since our oldest is only three, it can be tricky to find appropriate movies and shows for him that are “spooky” for Halloween. Clearly slasher films will have to wait a few years. And since my little guy even got frightened by the shark at the beginning of Finding Nemo (he is pretty scary if you think about it), we have to be really careful about what we let him watch.

To that end, I have dug around to find some great movie options for the little people in your home. Save Freddy and Michael for after the kids are in bed. Pop up a big batch of popcorn, get under the covers, and enjoy some of these very kid-friendly Halloween movies.

Get the list here!

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